Mrs. Jaya Kher

On this website, you will hear stories from Mrs. Jaya Kher, popularly known as “Jaya Aaji”.

Jaya Aaji, a grandma to 4 grand children always enjoyed playing with kids & telling them stories.  Over the years she developed a passion for collecting stories that would convey  some moral or a positive message for kids. Once her grandchildren were born she would share, read or narrate the stories from her collection to her grandchildren. All four of them were and still are very fond of listening a story from their favorite Jaya Aaji. They all eagerly wait to listen to a new story everyday. It was during the last few years when Jaya Aaji thought of putting together something that would have a bigger reach. All kids love listening to stories and in todays busy life they don’t alway have a parent of grand parent available to narrate them a story. Hence Jaya Aaji thought of creating a web site that kids and parents could refer to whenever they wanted to listen to a story. 

Other than being a Grandma Jaya enjoys cooking and taking care of her plant garden. M.Sc. and B. Ed. by education, during her college days, she was state level badminton and Hockey player. She has also worked in and directed many full length Marathi and Hindi plays. In the last 5 years she participated in the Story telling competition organized by Sanand Nyas Indore and has won many prizes.